May Talks
Guest artists speakers at South Main Gallery
May 7 - May 28, 2017
Artist Talk | Robert Young Saturday, May 27th, 3pm
May Talks

During the month of May, South Main Gallery will promote a series of talks with established, contemporary guest artists from Vancouver. Every speaker will share their experiences, processes, and portfolios.

Next up:

Robert Young
May 27th, 3

Robert was born in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1938, where he currently lives and works. He got his B.A. with Honours at the University of British Columbia in 1962, and from 1982–1998 he was an Associate Professor. In talking about his work, Young says “I’m generally not very purposive, intentional or goal-oriented – rather I trust to inspiration and try to keep out of the way.” Because Young’s works appear to be so carefully composed and meticulously executed, and because they are filled with such particular references -- whether art historical, philosophical, literary, political, musical, or architectural -- viewers might find his assertion of non-purposiveness difficult to believe. Yet, he describes his way of working as “not so much making a picture as attending while it comes into being” With shows all around Canada, USA, and England, Robert Young’s paintings are part of a number of notable public and private collections, such as City of Vancouver Collection, De Beers Consolidated Mines, Elton John Collection, National Gallery of Canada and Bank of Nova Scotia. 



Past Speakers:

Dina Goldstein

Born in Tel Aviv, Israel, and based in Vancouver BC, Dina Goldstein is a photographer and Pop Surrealist with a background in editorial and documentary photography. For Dina photography is intended not to produce an aesthetic that echoes current beauty standards, but to evoke and wrest feelings of shame, anger, shock and empathy from the observer, as to inspire insight into the human condition.Dina Goldstein independently produces large-scale tableaux photographic series that are philosophical, satirical, technical and visually stunning.