May 10, 2018
Lori Goldberg | Two Artists Walk Into a Bar

Guest Artist: Lori Goldberg Our Host Artist: Carol McQuaid Our Bar: Lori’s Magical Studio Garden in Vancouver Today’s guest is visual artist and instructor Lori Goldberg. Her big gorgeous canvases hang in galleries and collections worldwide, she’s been a Canada Council Grant Recipient and has Painted over 100 commissions for Intrawest Resorts. Now lets head to lori’s garden hideaway and Listen in as we talk about studios, commission work, residencies, and, spoiler alert, where all those socks go when they leave the dryer. In this episode you’ll hear about: Her magical garden studio and how she came to inhabit it Early days of Granville island and Yaletown The plight of the artist and finding studio space in Vancouver On arranging her first big show: “It was about stepping outside of the norm” On Grant writing vs self-funding shows and bodies of work Deciding to have a family and how that fits with the path of a professional artist Yoga and art retreats on Hornby island What Carfac is, and how Lori was instrumental in bringing it to British Columbia Her group show ‘Fences’. Lori: “If you look at nature there’s always structure and there’s always chaos and there’s always happen chance and circumstance that happens. It’s random. I’m just basically mimicking what’s happening in nature” Her canoe series, and a favourite Pierre Burton quote: “A true Canadian is one who can make love in a canoe without tipping. “ Painting under a ‘nom de plume’ for big retailers Her experience being a certified educator for Golden Paints Creating Beauty Spots workshops for locations like Italy and Bali (yes please) How she landed a massive commission project for Intrawest. We both share our experiences at the Toni Onley Artist Project in Wells BC Her ‘Lost Socks’ project on Governor’s Island in New York. Loss and memory and a very interesting series on dryer lint The romantic concept of being an artist that we hold as kids compared to the actual journey Rove Studio Tour in Vancouver

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